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Good News for LDS is an informal association of churches, para-church ministries and non-profit organizations dedicated to discovering, promoting, and disseminating knowledge.

Since its founding in 1830, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has insisted that it alone represents true Christianity and that all other churches professing the name of Christ are part of a “Great Apostasy,” that has incorporated corrupt doctrine and practices. The producers of this DVD are well aware that members of the LDS Church are sincere about their beliefs, and it is not our desire to belittle those who hold to those beliefs. In fact, we would be the first to defend the right of every Latter-day Saint to share their faith with others and we hope that they will allow us the same courtesy. Why Mormonism? Many of those involved with this project were once members of the LDS Church. At one time they believed very strongly that Joseph Smith was a true prophet sent by God to restore Christianity to the earth. When they realized that their presuppositions were not true they had to make some extremely difficult life-changing decisions. This product includes many of those difficult issues with which they had to wrestle. It is easy for some to automatically assume that those who disagree with the premises of the LDS Church are motivated by hatred and are therefore “anti-Mormon;” however, it is our hope that thoughtful people will look beyond the name-calling to carefully examine the areas of belief that separate the LDS Church from the biblical norm. In our experience we have found that many people have a very limited understanding of what Mormon leaders have actually taught. Because this is true even within the LDS Church, some Mormons might feel that much of what this DVD contains is fabricated. For this reason great pains have been made to document the statements it contains. Several of them are taken directly from LDS publications and speeches given by those who are recognized as authorities in the LDS Church. The making of this DVD is an act of love and has been placed into your hands so that you too can carefully examine the truth claims of the LDS Church. Just as we respect the right of Mormon missionaries to come to our doors and share what they believe to be true with us, we hope that members of the LDS Church will respect our right to come to your door through this medium and share with you what we have found to be true. It is our sincere desire that you will prayerfully consider the message of hope and salvation presented here and on the DVD, and we are interested in helping you with any questions or requests that you may have. To reach us, please email us at,


People Involved with This Project

Read about the people interviewed in the video Jesus Christ / Joseph Smith.



Marvin is the director of Utah Christian Publications.



Scott Gallatin is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Finger Lakes in Farmington, New York.



I was born and raised a Latter Day Saint. My folks were good people. I had good people for siblings. I had good people for friends. I was active in the LDS Church in every way possible, which culminated in serving as the Stake Mission President in Salt Lake Stake the oldest stake in the church. 

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Dennis and Rauni Higley live in Sandy, Utah. Rauni is originally a Finnish citizen and served as a Mormon missionary in Finland. Dennis is an American who also served as a Mormon missionary in Finland.

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Tim and Karen Howard are former members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Tim and Karen left the LDS church after realizing they had been deceived.



Dave Hunt has been actively involved in the countercult movement for over two decades. He is described as “an internationally recognized cult expert.”

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Joel Kramer is the Director of Living Hope Ministries from Brigham City, Utah. Their mission statement is: “Living Hope Ministries exists to share biblical truths with Mormons, and to educate and equip Christian individuals, ministries and churches to reach Mormons for the biblical Jesus Christ.” Living Hope Ministries has produced several DVDs to shed light on the deception of Mormon beliefs.



Charles Larson is the author of By His Own Hand Upon Papyrus: A New Look at the Joseph Smith Papyri. Read more › (external website)


Brian J. Mackert was born a member of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints church (FLDS), which believes that the LDS Church is in apostasy.

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Jon McCartney is pastor of the First Baptist Church in Tooele, Utah.



Floyd C. McElveen, better known as “Brother Mac,” grew up in Mississippi religious but was lost. Graduating from Western Baptist Seminary in Portland, Oregon he then moved to Alaska as a missionary for 14 years. Brother Mac has started Churches in Alaska, Idaho and Washington and was a National Evangelist for the CBHMS.

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Roger Oakland is the founder of Understanding the Times International, a counter-cult ministry. Understand The Times International is a non-profit ministry registered in both the United States and Canada. Roger is also an international renown speaker and author.

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Phil Roberts is president of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, in Kansas City. Roberts served as director of the Interfaith Witness Department of the North American Mission Board for the Southern Baptist Convention where, in 1998, he was responsible for producing the video The Mormon Puzzle. Roberts has also authored several other articles on the truths of Mormonism.



Sandra was born January 14, 1941 in Salt Lake City, Utah, to Ivan and Georgia McGee. Her parents were married in the Salt Lake Temple. She was baptized into the LDS Church in southern California when she was eight years old. She is a great-great-granddaughter of Brigham Young, the second president of the Mormon Church. 

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Chip Thompson is the director of Tri-Grace Ministries in Ephraim, UT. Tri-Grace Ministries runs a college house facility, which is “intended to be a safe haven for all Christian students who attend Snow College.” Read more ›

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Dr. John Whitcomb is president of Whitcomb Ministries and former professor of Theology and Old Testament studies at Graceland Theological Seminary. Whitcomb is also co-author of The Genesis Flood which helped play a founding role in the modern “Creation Science” movement.

The New York State President as well as other LDS leadership in Utah declined to be interviewed for this video.


Russ East

Presently, Russ directs a ministry that helps to bring short-term mission teams to Utah. They also provide workshops on how to reach Mormons for Christ and conduct internships for those interested in being a part of their ministry in a supportive role. Mr. East says, “I would love to talk with you more about my testimony and what the Lord has done in my life. I encourage you to go through the first seven chapters of the book of Romans in the Bible, and see for yourself how amazing true salvation really is.” Read more ›



Funding for this project was made possible by an informal association of numerous churches, ministries and individuals.


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